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Sun and Sustainability at Springhead


The sun shone on bank holiday morning for the Springhead Open Garden/Creative & Sustainable Living Fair organised by the Springhead Trust and Pretty Things Preloved. I’d been looking forward to this event for a while, not only because it would give me the opportunity to meet some lovely like-minded people, but also because I’d heard lots of enthusiasm for the gardens.

And I love wandering around gardens. Of course, when you have young children you don’t necessarily do this at a leisurely pace and you either have to slow them down by claiming that you just saw a fairy door/unicorn/troll (insert mythical creature of your choice) or you have to convince them to walk around it twice in the hope that you’ll get to see it all the second time round. I also thoroughly advise packing snacks; because ultimately you know that they will complain they’re hungry…and they’re always hungry!

We were greeted at the door by a cheerful lady who took our entry fee and told us where everything was. We decided to set off to see the stalls first. There were vintage clothes, upcycled furniture, raw food, handmade jewellery and an array of other ‘green’ items for sale. All of the stall holders were friendly and knowledgeable and they were enthusiastic about their products. They also didn’t make you feel ignorant, which I think is a great skill.

I purchased some great children’s story books from Enchanted Planet that I’m hoping to use for another project I’m working on and we sat on a bench in the garden with a yummy plant-based cake from Green and Grainy.

There were workshops running throughout the day teaching visitors everything from zero waste to sustainable fashion. Our four year old was not in the mood to sit still so we avoided these. Believe me, it was best for everyone.

The gardens were stunning. The bluebells still looked beautiful and there was blossom on the fruit trees. It was lovely to find somewhere with pretty blooms at this time of year, so many gardens only look impressive in high Summer. The kids enjoyed crossing all the bridges (looking for trolls), peering into the water and rolling down the hills.

We all enjoyed the event and the opportunity to visit the garden. I hope that everyone who attended will have taken something away from it; be that new knowledge or an item that will help them on their journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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