Man Down!

Disaster! I fell down a small pothole at the field and have torn the ligaments in my foot! The doctor at the local fractures clinic has given me a Storm Trooper-style boot and told me to keep my weight off my foot for two weeks. I am sofa-bound at the height of the growing season!

My lovely partner is not particularly green-fingered but is trying his best to keep things going on the veg patch whilst I shout instructions at him. It’s been a good test of how well we work together. Thankfully we make a pretty awesome team. He still has to go to work and do his ‘real’ job though, which means that the weeds are taking over!

The kids have tried to be helpful. My daughter planted out the sweet peas for me and she helped my son to pull up some radishes but they quickly lost interest in the weeding. Probably because there isn’t enough mud involved…I’m trying not to panic because I also have the offer of some help from my Mum, which will be brilliant.

Anyone who knows me will know that I am not good at sitting still, so this is torture for me. My fantastic Aunty Sue has lent me a mobility scooter and I am thrilled to have a set of wheels. I have been whizzing around, causing my family to worry more than is strictly necessary about how good my driving skills are. To be fair to them, I did once drive a quad into a pond (but I was eleven).

It’s been a bit tough on the smallholding recently. Unfortunately (not so) Fantastic Mr Fox decided to pay us a visit and took half our flock of chickens, and left the survivors terrified. It’s heartbreaking. And all the more so because they have only just begun to free range again after ‘flockdown’ (because of Avian Flu). We have decided to pop them back in their coops for a bit until we can get the fencing around the paddock a lot more fox proof. They seem reasonably happy with this arrangement and, although occasionally one of them makes a bid for freedom they tend to put themselves away again.

In happier news, we have just taken on a new feral cat from the Cats Protection. She is a beautiful girl who was living at a nearby airport. Although she is very skittish and scared of us at the moment we are hoping that she will settle in soon. She is the third feral that we have adopted from them. They regularly have cats like this who are looking for a farm, smallholding or stables to call their own. They are brilliant if you need any help controlling the rodent population and they just need food and somewhere warm to sleep. If you think you could give a feral cat a home please contact your local Cats Protection.

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