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To feed or not to feed?

Now I've successfully caused the Bard to turn in his grave... My very clever partner has just made me a stunning bird feeder out of an old hat stand that I found abandoned on the side of the road. ..Yes, I’m one of those people who pulls over and picks fly-tipped items out of the… Continue reading To feed or not to feed?

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There is no time like Spring

We have had spectacular weather over the last week here in Dorset. It has provided plenty of opportunities to get out in the fresh air and get growing. This week I've done an early sowing of radishes. I'm planting three varieties this year (as a bit of an experiment), a row of each, to see… Continue reading There is no time like Spring


Little Speckled Frogs

We have had a very productive weekend on our little patch. We managed to borrow a digger and began work in my much-wanted and long-awaited wildlife garden. There is a shady spot on the edge of the veg garden that is no good for growing but perfect for creepy crawlies, toads and frogs! Clearing rubble,… Continue reading Little Speckled Frogs