Welcome to my website! It’s so lovely you’re here.

Let me introduce myself. I am Rosie, Mum to three children, allotment tenant, and sustainability advocate.

Ever since my childhood I have been passionate about the environment. I was always making posters about saving things from extinction or how to grow your own vegetables. As a result of this my mum calls me her ‘greenest warrior baby’ (I’m sure it’s a compliment).

I have spent most of my working life promoting green living and know that the little things we do can make a big difference. Now that I have children I am even more determined to make sure that the world that they grow up in is one that we care for.

So, as part of my continuing ‘sustainable living’ journey I put my name down for an allotment, hoping to grow my own fruit and veg, teach my kids this skill, and reduce my food miles. And I got one! Which is what prompted this blog.

I hope that you’ll join me as I navigate my way through the knee-high weeds and the jungle that is green living. I’m sure it’s all very easy really…