But first…coffee

I love coffee. One of the reasons that my partner and I met was because we both enjoy ‘coffee hunting’. I think it would be fair to say that I’m a bit of a coffee snob.

One of my recent coffee-related adventures is the purchase of a reusable cup. I’ve had a serviceable thermos cup for years but it wasn’t very portable (bit heavy) and I wanted something that I wouldn’t be ashamed to hand over to a barista in a coffee shop. I was thrilled to find a bamboo cup by ecoffee and my quest for the perfect takeaway cup was over. The fact it’s made from bamboo (a sustainable crop) means it’s really lightweight and it has a silicone lid to keep your coffee hot and help avoid spills. Plus, it looks nice.

Many coffee shops now offer a small discount if you use your own cup rather than have a paper takeaway cup. But why? Paper is recyclable right?

The has a great article about reusable coffee cups. They explain that ‘paper cups are lined with a type of plastic called polyethylene so the cup won’t just turn to mush...And unlike newspaper and cardboard boxes, disposable paper cups are not recyclable because of the combination of materials. Not to mention the 20 million trees that are cut down each year for coffee cups‘.

20 million trees a year! That’s crazy!

I am going to make the effort to avoid the paper cups in coffee shops from now on. It’s going to be hard to remember my mug sometimes but, just like the transition from plastic bags to reusable bags, it will become a habit. And I like to think that I’ll be saving a tree or two.