Here come the girls!

I am very excited to introduce the newest additions to our family…the chickens! I am a very proud poultry parent.

We’ve wanted chickens for ages but it never seemed to be the right time. We talked about it lots. My daughter decided to start saving for one. She squirrelled her pocket money away until finally she had enough for her very own chicken. I realised we’d run out of reasons not to take the plunge and ordered a coup.

I decided on the Eglu Go Up from Omlet. It’s a brand I’ve been aware of for some time and I liked the fact that it is fox resistant and simple to clean. So far it’s been a joy to use. We’ve moved it regularly (the wheels make it super-easy) so that the chucks have fresh grass and the addition of the Omlet screw pegs mean that the wire ‘skirt’ sits flush with the ground.

This week has been slightly nerve-wracking. After a weekend spent having chicken cuddles we felt that the girls were settled enough to free range. We opened the doors to the run and let them out…and they came back! Thankfully bribery seems to work. A pot of corn or interesting treat brings them running. We’re trying to teach them a call so that we can always bring them back if we need to but thankfully food alone seems to work for now.

The kids were so excited when we got our first egg. We had a very long discussion about whose chicken had laid it and therefore who got to eat it. Eventually we agreed that we should put it in a cake so that we all got a bit of it; so yesterday a chocolate cake was produced. Everyone is happy.