Wiggly Worms

Since lockdown began we have all been home. All the time. All five of us. This has meant that we’ve all been eating three meals a day here, rather than at work or school and I’ve noticed an increase in our waste. Particularly food waste.

I started researching ways in which to dispose of this extra waste that would be environmentally friendly (other than composting or adding to our council food waste bin). Ideally I wanted something that would benefit us and the produce we grow. Worms were the answer.

The next step was finding a wormery that I liked. I didn’t want something black and boring that I would want to hide away. Research on the web revealed that there are a lot of options out there. I found a wormery to suit everyone’s pocket and there are some brilliant looking units available (though they’re a bit pricier). If you’re really trying to save the pennies you can always make your own.

Eventually I settled on a Wormbox Wormery Composter. This wormery is made by Ferme du Moutta, a French company, but they deliver to the UK. Or, you can do what I did and buy it on good ol’ Amazon.

My new wormery was with me in no time and I was excited to get it set up. Unfortunately upon unpacking it ready for assembly it became clear that the instructions were in German…I do not possess any knowledge of German. It was at this point that I was grateful that it didn’t look too hard to put together. The only bit I struggled with was the tap, but the battle was brief.

Next I positioned my wormery in my front garden. I would have preferred to have it by the back door because that is more convenient for our kitchen but we have a Labrador pup who is in to everything and I had visions of worms being strewn across the garden whilst he happily ran around with a bit of coir matting in his mouth. Ferme du Moutta suggest that you keep your wormery indoors to avoid temperature extremities for the worms but I’ve decided that I’ll wrap the wormery in some bubble wrap (and keep my fingers crossed) if the temperature drops too much this Winter.

The whole thing has been in place for a few weeks now. The worms are doing really well and have been munching their way through lots of our food waste. This has not completely solved our food waste issue, but it has been a great purchase. In a few weeks I’m hoping that we’ll have some ‘black gold’ for the veg patch and I’ll begin to see some benefits for our plants too.