Buzz, buzz, buzz! I wonder why he does?

bees on purple flower
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Bees are such fascinating, magical creatures. And they are vital to food production.

These little insects help ensure plant pollination and travel from flower to flower beating their wings at 200 times per second!

I was lucky enough to attend a talk by Brigit Strawbridge at my local town hall back in March this year. A font of knowledge, she discussed how we can help support our bee population and slow their decline.

I learnt so much that evening and was buzzing afterwards (please excuse the pun). I rushed out that week and bought as many bee friendly plants as I could afford; thyme, pulmonaria, fritillary, lupins. It had to be things that I could grow in pots.

Everyone who attended the talk was also given an insect house. I stood outside with my compass (yes, yes, I am that kind of person) so that I could situate it in the perfect place in my garden. I also created a bee drinking station from a large plant saucer with pebbles in it for the bees to sit on.

I am very proud to report that all my hard work paid off. This summer my garden has been full of bees and a solitary bee has used the insect house; laying her eggs and filling in the holes with cut leaves. It was mesmerising watching her go to and fro, creating the perfect environment for her young.

Bees are one of our most important insects. They are fantastic pollinators and they help provide one third of the food that we eat. Making your garden bee friendly isn’t expensive. Gardener’s World have written a great article with advice on things you can do to provide for bees year-round. There are simple things that everyone can do, whatever the size of your garden.