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I have been forced, yes, forced (!) to relax. The house move is finally over and I spent the weekend at my Mum’s dog-sitting.

Poppy-Dog is a gorgeous Patterdale Terrier who has the most beautiful ‘you must make a huge fuss of me eyes’ and I’ve spent the weekend under her spell. She needs walking twice a day in the beautiful Somerset countryside and then requires a log fire to snuggle in front of in the evening…okay, that last bit isn’t true, it’s me who requires the log fire…I shouldn’t have tried to put the blame on the dog.

It’s been so full on here with the house move, and the fact that Christmas is just around the corner. I haven’t sat still for weeks. Spending time in someone else’s house has positively made me slow down. At my Mum’s I didn’t need to do anything. I even had to stop in my constant attempt to get to the bottom of the laundry basket!

At first I felt like I was twiddling my thumbs. Then I started reading my new book, listened to some music, watched a black and white film, fell asleep in front of the black and white film, had a bath. All things that I consider luxuries in daily life. Engaging in these activities meant that I then felt like I’d been ignoring my actual needs. It’s important that we make time to relax. And it’s so easy to quell the nagging feeling that you have to slow down sometimes; for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Exercise was inevitable. Looking after the dog meant that I HAD to go out for a walk twice a day. I am usually ‘too busy’ to exercise but I felt the difference. An aching joints kind of difference but I’m pretty sure there were some endorphins involved there too. In an attempt to let go of my need to plan everything, I let the dog walk me the majority of the time. And boy, did she enjoy that! She also has a very good sense of direction (which makes one of us!)

I’m back to reality now and I’ve already cooked part of our dinner for later, vacuumed the house and done a load of washing. But I feel less tired than usual and I definitely feel rested. This weekend has taught me that I need to start scheduling in some time for ‘self-care’. I know I’ll feel the benefits.