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I was a bit mortified recently when my skin decided to misbehave. Just before Christmas I had some very angry (and painful) spots. I have quite dry, sensitive skin and was lucky enough to avoid the ‘pimply teenager’ stage that many people experience so felt at a bit of a loss as to what to do.

But, no fear! As a member of the Styled by Susie community on Facebook I was able to post about my woes and had the help of lovely, knowledgeable ladies from all over the the country (perhaps even the world!) with my skin questions.

After reading through all their comments there was one skincare range that stood out and definitely appealed to me; Tropic Skincare. It ticked all the boxes. It’s freshly made, natural, cruelty free, and the company is British based.

Nicola Reid says that she was introduced to Tropic Skincare around two years ago after looking for a beauty brand that was more environmentally conscious, ‘Initially I was a delighted customer who loved the visible results, the aromas, the ethos of the company. I was satisfied that these results were achieved using only natural ingredients which are certified vegan and cruelty free. Today, after falling in love with the brand, I am now a Tropic Skincare Ambassador sharing my love of the brand.’

I was slightly sceptical. I’ve used natural skincare products for years now and I’ve never been impressed enough to buy the same brand twice. But I was feeling down and desperate, and after so many positive comments from ‘Susie’s ladies’ on Facebook I was willing to give it a shot.

I think at this point it’s important to note that I have not been endorsed by Tropic to write this post, nor am I an ambassador for their products, I am just a very happy customer. After three days of using their ABC skincare routine my spots had settled down and definitely looked less angry. A few of them had completely disappeared. I was so relieved…I wasn’t going to be super-embarrassed about my skin whilst attending family gatherings and parties over the festive break.

Now I positively look forward to cleansing my face in the morning and have been using the face mask for blemishes specifically on my problem areas twice a week. The children have decided that I look like the Green Goblin when I use it but I’m not letting that put me off! After ten minutes or so of wearing the mask my spots are much calmer and if I pop it on a new break-out it is disappearing much quicker.

A few weeks later and I’ve just put in my second order for some serum and an eye cream. I’m very excited to try them and am waiting eagerly for the post to arrive. It’s great to have finally found skincare products that work for both my skin and my lifestyle. I’d definitely recommend the range to anyone looking to find their natural beauty routine.

Nicola’s online Tropic Skincare shop is definitely worth a visit if you’d like more of information about this fantastic brand.

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