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Let’s Get Buzzy!

I am thrilled to find an excuse to talk about one of my favourite creatures. Bees!

The Dorset Wildlife Trust magazine dropped onto my doormat this week and it has a lovely photograph of a bee on the cover. This issue is promoting their ‘Get Dorset Buzzing‘ campaign, which aims to make a difference to Dorset’s pollinators.

Perhaps just as exciting as their aim is the fact that if you sign up to the campaign you will get a free pack of wildflower seeds, a wall planner and a pollinator information booklet.

I am keen to ensure that there are areas of the allotment that are wildlife friendly and want to support and encourage pollinators. I’m always looking for ideas and this informative campaign is perfect.

Bees are suffering huge declines and really need our help. There are things that gardeners and growers can do to help support pollinators. Humans have taken away the green places they need to survive. Wildlife gardening expert Kate Bradbury is supporting the ‘Get Dorset Buzzing‘ campaign and has great advice for those just starting out with wildlife gardening;

    Let areas of your lawn grow longer – raising the height of your mower or using it less can bring pollinators to your garden.
    Add water – pollinators such as honeybees regularly drink water – add a large stone to a pond or bird bath so that they have somewhere safe to land and drink.
    Grow pollinator-friendly plants – cornflower, field poppy and scabious are great for bees.

So, whether you already love gardening or are just starting out, there’s something everyone can do to support pollinators.

For more ideas, and to sign for your free pack visit