Eating Seasonally: Courgette Cake

We are getting some fantastic produce from the allotment right now. It's amazing to have a plate full of food you've grown yourself. But, we're getting LOTS of courgettes. Let's be honest; there are only so many courgettes you can eat. I've cooked them as many different ways as I can think of. I've given… Continue reading Eating Seasonally: Courgette Cake

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Natural Pest Control

Just a few weeks after planting our apple trees we have an aphid infestation! I first discovered the little beasties when I noticed one of the trees was looking decidedly droopy. The leaves were yellowing and curling up. At first I thought it might just need watering, but when that failed to perk it up… Continue reading Natural Pest Control

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Let’s Get Buzzy!

I am thrilled to find an excuse to talk about one of my favourite creatures. Bees! The Dorset Wildlife Trust magazine dropped onto my doormat this week and it has a lovely photograph of a bee on the cover. This issue is promoting their 'Get Dorset Buzzing' campaign, which aims to make a difference to… Continue reading Let’s Get Buzzy!

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If you go down to the woods today

It’s beautiful out there! Spring is finally springing. We went for a walk yesterday and the trees were starting to bud, the wild garlic is emerging and the snowdrops are in bloom. We had a cold snap earlier this month and after a ‘snow day’ I was fed up of the three inches of white… Continue reading If you go down to the woods today