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Shed Sweet Shed

The shed that we inherited on the allotment was so old and rotten it was going to blow over if we had any high wind. I’ve had to hold the door closed with a breeze block and I’m amazed that my tools haven’t been stolen. It was agreed that we needed a new one.

There are regulations as to what size the sheds are allowed to be on the allotment and nothing on the local selling sites met the criteria. Eventually I found the perfect shed, but I had to buy a brand new one. I’ve been waiting about a month for delivery. This, unfortunately, has given me plenty of time to become obsessed with sheds…

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration and information. I’ve wasted a good number of hours browsing other people’s beautiful sheds. This has led me to decide two things; one, that I want to paint the interior of our shed a nice colour, and two, that I would like a veranda on the side of the shed, so that I can have a potting area.

One of my best finds on Pinterest has been The Little Purple Potting Shed. Katie, from Lavender and Leeks has created a shed sanctuary on her allotment in Hampshire. I would desperately like to recreate some of what she has done with her shed. To have somewhere I could sit with a cup of tea, watch the wildlife, and let the world go by. Katie’s journal is inspiring and informative and I’ve really enjoy reading it. I’d also like to find the pattern for the cross stitch that she has on the wall of her shed from which this blog post takes its title. It’s very vintage inspired and quite cute.

The shed is meant to be going up today, along with the raised beds so hopefully I will be able to update you on social media with its progress.