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As June Ends…

It’s the final day of The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild challenge. A month-long nature challenge where you try and do something nature-based every day.

It has been a busy month and honestly, some days it felt like we were trying to squeeze something in, but, squeeze it in we did! We have found something wild to do every day and I’m really pleased with how much the kids engaged with this challenge.

Some days we were setting out to do one wild thing and would end up doing several. They’ve become used to me flinging open the doors to the garden after school or declaring that we were going on a wild roadtrip (so bring your binoculars).

It has also been fascinating to see what other people are doing. There is a very active Facebook group and some participants, like Kim from Beyond The Garden Fence, have made beautiful short films about their experiences.

I think that this challenge would have been easier if the weather this June hadn’t been so utterly atrocious! We seem to have had non-stop rain and I’ve often had to change or adjust our plans in order to fit the weather. Some days though, we just got wet.

This month I think we have spent more time outdoors. And I consider us outdoorsy. I’ve realised though that our outdoor activities are often very weather dependent and have now learnt to adapt them when it decides to bucket it down (thanks random June weather).

I am pleased to confirm that an appreciation of nature can be had rain or shine, outside or at your kitchen table.