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Plastic Free Party

Last week it was our son’s fifth birthday party. He was having a tea party after school and I started planning party decorations. I wanted something fun and brightly coloured. But the more I looked the more I realised that everything on offer in the shops was plastic-based. Banners, balloons, party bags, even table cloths.

I sat down with the kids and explained the predicament. These kinds of decorations are bad for the environment. I encouraged them to watch a Nat Geo Kids programme Kids vs. Plastic on YouTube. We read some plastic facts together. It was eventually agreed that we should try and hold a plastic free party.

It was pretty easy to get our daughter on board with this. She’s a little bit older and is already quite environmentally aware. My son however needed a little bit more convincing. He wanted balloons. I explained that we would still be able to decorate without balloons. That I had found some cool paper concertina ball decorations that looked like balloons. They would be biodegradable, unlike the balloons. He asked if they would float if he threw them up in the air. Ummm…nope.

The day of the party came around and there was no mention of balloons. Phew! The paper balls looked ace. We had paper party bags, a paper banner and a paper table cloth as well as the decorations. I found eBay a great source for everything and it was pretty easy to do. It was nice to celebrate the day without the worry that the decorations were going to take thousands of years to break down. And, if I pack them all away carefully the decorations should last for another party.