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Plum Gin

Now that Autumn is getting underway I have started to think about (shhhhh…) Christmas. I like to give people homemade presents and I really like to gift things that are made with home-grown produce. So, when my Mum handed me a huge bag of plums from the tree in her garden accompanied by a recipe for plum gin it was a no-brainer.

I made the gin about a month ago now and it’s already going a lovely purple colour. I’m very excited about decanting it into little bottles ready for the festive season.

Plum Gin

You will need:

A large jar
400g of plums
100g of caster sugar
A 70cl or 1 litre bottle of gin


    1. Check that the plums fill the jar, then take them out and weigh them. This will give you the ratios of sugar that you need for the recipe.
    2. Prick the plums all over and freeze in a bag overnight (at least) or until you are ready to use them.
    3. Sterilise the jar and leave it to one side.
    4. Remove your plums from the freezer to defrost for a bit.
    5. Pop the plums in the jar and add the sugar.
    6. Pour over the gin until it reaches the top of the jar (or covers the plums).
    7. For one week shake the jar until all the sugar has dissolved.
    8. Store in a dark, cool, frost free place and leave for two months.
    9. Sieve and bottle the gin.
    10. Give to unsuspecting family and friends for Christmas. Hahahaha.