Eating Seasonally: Courgette Cake

We are getting some fantastic produce from the allotment right now. It's amazing to have a plate full of food you've grown yourself. But, we're getting LOTS of courgettes. Let's be honest; there are only so many courgettes you can eat. I've cooked them as many different ways as I can think of. I've given… Continue reading Eating Seasonally: Courgette Cake

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Apricot, blueberry and almond energy bars

I just spotted the recipe for these in June's The Simple Things magazine and had to share it! They look so yummy. They'd be a perfect snack after a busy morning weeding. Makes 10170g rolled oats 100g mixed seeds 100g almonds 200g dried apricots 100g agave syrup 100g bludberries 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1. Preheat… Continue reading Apricot, blueberry and almond energy bars