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Natural Pest Control

Just a few weeks after planting our apple trees we have an aphid infestation! I first discovered the little beasties when I noticed one of the trees was looking decidedly droopy. The leaves were yellowing and curling up. At first I thought it might just need watering, but when that failed to perk it up… Continue reading Natural Pest Control

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Sun and Sustainability at Springhead

The sun shone on bank holiday morning for the Springhead Open Garden/Creative & Sustainable Living Fair organised by the Springhead Trust and Pretty Things Preloved. I'd been looking forward to this event for a while, not only because it would give me the opportunity to meet some lovely like-minded people, but also because I'd heard… Continue reading Sun and Sustainability at Springhead

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Reducing our plastic footprint

I've spent a lot of time at home over the Easter holidays and have been considering ways to reduce our household plastic usage. Like many people I try not to buy things in plastic but it is something that still finds its way into our recycling bin. Although I think that we're pretty good on… Continue reading Reducing our plastic footprint

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Lost for Words

I felt very lucky to get three places to attend an event about The Lost Words at Thornecombe Woods on Saturday. The forest school run with Stepping into Nature promised us stories, songs, craft, foraging and camp fire cooking. We were all excited! The kids have experienced some forest school activities at school and enthused… Continue reading Lost for Words

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Let’s Get Buzzy!

I am thrilled to find an excuse to talk about one of my favourite creatures. Bees! The Dorset Wildlife Trust magazine dropped onto my doormat this week and it has a lovely photograph of a bee on the cover. This issue is promoting their 'Get Dorset Buzzing' campaign, which aims to make a difference to… Continue reading Let’s Get Buzzy!