A Force of Nature

It’s growing season. Everything is in full swing. Plants that I’ve been tending on the windowsill for months are finally going into the ground, buds are appearing and it won’t be long until I am harvesting my labours. I love it. I love watching these things grow from seed. From dormant looking objects that don’t… Continue reading A Force of Nature

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Firstly, apologies for being so quiet on the blogging front. We have been moving house so I'm without the internet and my usual workspace. I'm ridiculously pleased we're getting our WiFi on Monday. After dinner this evening we all started talking about our food and where it comes from. I thought it would be interesting… Continue reading Origins


Eating seasonally: Squash and apple soup with cheddar croutons

As a Mum trying to live an 'eco-friendly' life I sometimes find that it can be tough to get the inspiration you need to serve seasonal food at mealtimes. It's so much easier to reach for convenience food. Food with questionable origins... With that in mind, I thought that it might be helpful to post… Continue reading Eating seasonally: Squash and apple soup with cheddar croutons