The Plot Begins

I am very excited, and a little nervous, to announce that we have been given an allotment! I went to have a look at the plot today and it is either;

1/ a very well tended plot with a shed, compost bins and a water butt or,

2/ a wilderness of weeds, raspberry plants and saplings. It all depends on which side of the marker post it falls.

After finding a very helpful groundsman I am still none the wiser and am waiting for the council to confirm which it is (I’m not holding my breath for the well-tended one).

As parents, giving our children fresh food on a budget is a priority. We have grown loads this year in pots in the garden of our rented house but it’s proven difficult to get some of it to produce anything. We have a huge glut of tomatoes but had very few courgettes and a failed butternut squash. It will be great to get things in the ground and have more space to play with.

We need to do the allotment on a budget and will be trying to get a lot of what we need for free or very cheap. I am also passionate about sustainability and hope to do the plot in an environmentally friendly way. Hence why I’m ‘green’ fingered. I certainly can’t boast any amazing plant growing skills…yet.

I hope you enjoy my offerings to the blogosphere and that you will find my exploits interesting.

Here’s to happy growing!

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