Chocolate Pudding

A couple of days ago my son excitedly handed me a leaflet for EcoWeeks. It had arrived with his Aquila magazine and promoted ‘green adventures for 8-15 year olds’. He informed me that he wanted to go. I had to inform him that he is not yet old enough.

The programme that the leaflet is promoting looks fantastic and is just his cup of tea. Apparently all you need is ‘a sense of fairness, a sense of humour and a liking for chocolate cake’. Said chocolate cake recipe is included on the back and so, to make up for his disappointment about not being able to attend an EcoWeek I agreed that we could try the recipe out and make it for pudding.

There are no eggs and no butter in this recipe, yet it is meant to make a sponge-like mixture. I’ve never come across a sponge recipe that doesn’t use these ingredients. I’ll be honest; I had my doubts.

It worked! We had to add a little bit more milk to the dry ingredients than the recipe suggests but what we ended up with was a yummy, sauce covered chocolate pudding! Hats off to you EcoWeek!

Here’s the recipe if you too fancy giving it a try. It comes kid-approved…

Make chocolate pudding:


  • Cake
  • 1 mug/150g self-raising flour
  • 1/4 mug/40g white sugar
  • 2 tbsp/30g cocoa
  • 1/2 mug/120ml milk

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl, stir in the milk and put in a flat ovenproof dish.


  • 1 mug/150g soft brown sugar
  • 1/4 mug/40g cocoa

Mix the sugar and cocoa, pour over the cake mixture and add 1 3/4 mugs/320 ml of boiling water.


45 minutes at Gas Mark 6/180 c or until the sauce thickens.

And there you have it! Yummy, scrummy EcoWeek chocolate pudding.