A Lean Year

I’m honestly not feeling very green-fingered at the moment. The growing season has been pretty awful for me and all I have to show for it is tomato plants with blight, courgettes with powdery mildew, a handful of beans and a single cucumber. The only thing that has done well are the children’s sunflowers.

I have heard so many gardeners and growers complaining that they have had similar problems. We can probably blame the weather, climate change, pests, our free-ranging chickens. The list goes on…and so too does our grumbling.

Thankfully, because I’m brave (or stupid) I haven’t lost my passion for growing and am still determined to be as self-sufficient as possible. I love it when I can feed my family with food I’ve grown. When ninety percent of what’s on our plates has been produced on our little plot. And so, I will persevere. I will overcome all obstacles!

As Autumn approaches so too does the planting of new crops. I’ve just planted some broccoli in this week. It will probably get eaten by slugs (see how positive I’m being. Hahahaha).

I haven’t fully planned out my Autumn planting yet and feel a bit behind as usual. I may have to buy things as seedlings and cover my windowsills in propagators. Unfortunately the polytunnel is being used by the chickens again so I’m not able to use that again this Winter. The only pros to this situation is that the chucks clear the weeds for me and kindly fertilise the soil at the same time.

So, it’s on with the wellies and back to the plot armed with new plans and excitement for the season ahead.