A Force of Nature

It’s growing season. Everything is in full swing. Plants that I’ve been tending on the windowsill for months are finally going into the ground, buds are appearing and it won’t be long until I am harvesting my labours.

I love it. I love watching these things grow from seed. From dormant looking objects that don’t look capable of anything. This is one of the (many) reasons that I find growing my own so fascinating and enjoyable. It seems almost magical.

This process has meant I am left considering many of the stories that I have read in the news. We are still restricted because of Covid-19. In our absence, it seems, nature has begun to reclaim the land. There have been stories of wild boar roaming city streets and goats leaving the mountains for a bit of a frolick.

Unfortunately many of these stories are probably complete fiction, however, every year I am fortunate enough to witness how powerful nature is and therefore I like to think that it could be possible. I see how tiny green sprouted seeds produce food to feed my family. How I can weed a section of ground one day and just overnight a whole new set of weedlings – like seedlings I’ve decided, but unwanted – can pop up. How you can lose a crop to pests. Or how a natural predator can save your crop (I’m totally referring to you ladybirds). I’ve also seen how fresh produce, grown with care can bring you closer to your friends and neighbours. That a bunch of fresh asparagus can be a better anniversary gift than a bunch of flowers.

I am grateful to have learnt all these lessons and as a result of these experiences would encourage everyone to have a go at growing their own. All you need is a pot filled with soil and some seeds.

Starting out takes very little time, money or effort but the first taste of food that you have grown yourself is utterly priceless.